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Gives Back

A genuine commitment to action Al Ghalia’s dedication and appreciation to the communities it has grown to be a part of. 


Working in tandem with non-profit organizations and charities specifically dedicated to underprivileged children.


Al Ghalia’s sense of social responsibility runs deep in the foundation of its culture. Giving back is part of why Al Ghalia strives forward; for its love of its community and its ability to help those in less fortunate circumstances. The vision of Al Ghalia’s future is not only measured by its financial gain and growth, but also by its intrinsic values and charitable commitments.

Designating the budget, effort, and time of its team, Al Ghalia arranges regular events in which an entire day’s revenue is donated from one of Al Ghalia’s locations to an organization specifically focused on underprivileged children or children in need.

Aside from donations, Al Ghalia devotes its time and people to the cause, encouraging all Al Ghalia members to help support the community that keeps us thriving, especially focusing on children and bringing some positive spirit, love, and compassion to the young ones who need it most.

Whether it is visiting hospitals and orphanages or helping to pack Ramadan care packages, The Al Ghalia family takes pride in its responsibility and duty in protecting the health and well being of all children and their futures.