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Dedicated to cultivating outstanding health, beauty and retail brands whilst upholding a notable caliber of excellence and mastery.


Al Ghalia’s lifestyle brands boast a range of only the finest products and services, aimed towards designing immersive and indulgent self care experiences.


Bliss and serenity underpin Al Ghalia’s award winning lifestyle brands.

With a team of industry experts, diligently working towards upholding a notable caliber of excellence and mastery in their respective fields, from world-class skin care, professional hair care and styling to outstanding spa and fitness facilities and attentive faculty.

Dessange Paris

Dessange creates an air of relaxation and rejuvenation at its spa facilities, along with personal training, fitness classes, a health club, juice bar, and exceptional hair, nail, and beauty services all within a luxuriously designed venue.
Stunning interiors and outstanding service create an atmosphere of relaxation and indulgence that’s unique to Dessange Salon and Spa.